GearPods makes modular, lightweight adventure and survival gear to help the outdoor enthusiast to prepare for the unexpected. The gear combines an innovative container system – GearPods Connect – with a range of pre-built GearPods Kits. The result is a configurable kit system that caters to casual and serious outdoor enthusiasts looking for pre-built kits and a-la-carte components respectively.

The GearPods Connect system represents a new approach to organizing and packing adventure gear. GearPods Connect is a flexible and modular container system that is perfect for building kits. Sharing a common diameter as most sports bottle holders, GearPods are also easy to pack: in a bike water bottle cage, lumbar pack, hydration pack, backpack or even a pocket. Our pre-built GearPods Kits cover the essentials of adventure and survival: first aid, survival, shelter, and cooking. These kits provide the best of both worlds: highly compact yet capable adventure and survival gear.

GearPods are suitable for virtually every outdoor sport, including: hiking and backpacking, climbing, mountain biking, off-roading, kayaking, adventure racing, winter sports and hunting.

GearPods offers a range of pre-built individual kits covering adventure and survival basics: first aid, survival, shelter and cooking. All of these kits contain high-quality components that you can depend on; from the breadth and quality of the tools found in our GearPods Survival kit, to the highly-engineered GearPods Stove System, a completely self-contained cooking system that fits in your hand.

What all of these kits also have in common is deep capabilities despite the compact size of the kits themselves. In terms of pound-for-pound capabilities, these kits are hard to beat.

Built on the GearPods Connect™ system, our individual kits are housed in durable, lightweight and 100% watertight containers. Not only do these kits function independently but with GearPods Connectors, you can also connect them to other kits and containers to build systems. With this modularity it’s always easy to grab just what you need in order to prepare for the unexpected.

Individual GearPods kits are available in all colors: Orange, Blue, Yellow, Black, Olive Drab and Coyote Tan.

GearPods is located in Polson, Montana, home to the spectacular Flathead Lake and Mission Mountains.

You can find more information on their website.


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