Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is
A. is a website created by one Arizona offroader to share information with other Arizona offroaders.


Q. Is a club website?
A. No it is not a club or business website. It’s just a one person creation and operation. The aim is to share the information and passion for outdoor activities with others.


Q. Do I need to register to use this website?
A. It is not necessary to register to simply browse the website, but in order to comment, submit classified ads or business listings you will have to create your profile.


Q. I am not able to register. What am I doing wrong?
A. In order to protect the website from spammers, I am using anti spam software, and sometimes the system will mistakenly block your IP address and deny you access. It means you will not be able to register. In that rare case please send me an e-mail using the contact page.


Q. Are the trail descriptions and conditions current?
A. I update the trail descriptions as often as possible, but some might not be current. Every trail description has a phone number included where you can get the information about current conditions.


Q. How much is it to post a classified ad or a business listing?
A. Posting your ad or submitting your business listing is free. Though it has to be related to offroading and located in Arizona.

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