Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Jeep JK A/C Vent Removal There might come a time when you as a Jeep JK owner find it necessary to remove one or all of the air conditioning outlets located on the dashboard. The most common reason for the A/C vent removal is the desire to paint the stock trim rings in order to color match your Jeep’s exterior and add a fun customization to the interior. You might also need to remove the vent outlet if you accidentally dropped a small item inside the A/C duct and need to retrieve it. After an extremely dry and dusty day wheeling, you might want to do a deep clean of the interior, including cleaning the inside of the air ducts.
The Jeep JK A/C vent removal is luckily a simple task, unlike with the Jeep JL where you must remove several dashboard panels first, and can be completed in few minutes as long as you know what you’re doing. It is one of those things that appears impossible to do unless you apply brute force and risk breaking something, until you find out that there is trick to it which makes it super easy to complete. Removing the air conditioning outlet can be performed in few simple steps, using a medium size flathead screwdriver and small flashlight. After you remove the A/C outlet, the stock silver trim ring can be removed by gently prying four plastic tabs holding it in place.
If you prefer to watch a video showing you the process of Jeep JK A/C vent removal, there are countless clips available on YouTube. This is a very simple procedure, however if you are not careful and patient, there is a risk of breakage to the parts you are removing.

Disclaimer: Like I always mention I am not a professional mechanic, I just try to do as much work on my Jeep as possible. It helps me learn more about my vehicle and save some money that can be spent on parts and upgrades.
I take no responsibility for any injury or breakage which might occur if you decide to follow these steps. You have to decide if you’re comfortable working on your Jeep. If you’re not, please have a professional complete this project for you.


Tools needed:

1. Flathead screwdriver

2. Flashlight



Step 1:

Use a flashlight to locate access hole inside the vent outlet.

Jeep JK A/C Vent Removal


Step 2:

Rotate the air vent louvers so that the access hole is at a 1 o’clock position.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 3:

Make sure the louvers access hole is aligned perfectly with the cutout in the vent assembly. That is the only way to access the locking mechanism.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 4:

Insert a medium size flathead screwdriver about 1/2″ inside the access hole.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 5:

Gently pry the screwdriver upwards.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 6:

While applying downward pressure on the locking mechanism with the screwdriver, rotate the entire vent oulet counter clockwise.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 7:

Closeup of the locking mechanism of the vent assembly.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 8:

Grab the louvers and pull the assembly out.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 9:

When installing the vents back, make sure the locking mechanism is located at the 12 o’clock position, and the assembly lines up with the tabs in the dash cutout.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal


Step 10:

Push the air vent assembly all the way in, and rotate the ring clockwise until it locks in place.

Jeep JK Dash A/C Vent Removal



If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.



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