Jeep JK Hidden Garage Door Remote


Jeep JK hidden garage door remoteOne of the greatest benefits of owning a Jeep is the possibility to drive topless and doorless. Removing the top and doors does however leave the interior of your Jeep exposed and unprotected. One of the items that could be stolen from your vehicle is your garage door remote. Most people have it attached to their sun visor, which makes it very visible to a passer by. This post describes the steps to hide your garage door remote inside one of the plastic panels of your Jeep and use a small, discrete push button switch to activate it.

There are several different options when it comes to your Jeep JK hidden garage door remote. Popular, and free, option is to simply hide the garage door remote inside the sport bar padding above the driver door. You can also hide it behind the panel below the steering wheel or behind the dashboard just below your air control panel. You just need to find a place that will allow you to keep the remote secured and drill a small hole to mount the push button switch.
I selected the A-pillar top panel to mount my switch just to the left of the sun visor where I instinctively expect it to be. But if you prefer to place it in a more secret location, you have many options when you own a Jeep.
There’s only few parts and tools needed for this project. You need to pick up a momentary on/off button switch and about 12 inches of 18 GA wire. Some of the tools might be in your tool box already.
Your remote might be different shape of course if your garage door opener is a different brand.

Disclaimer: Like I always mention I am not a professional mechanic, I just try to do as much work on my Jeep as possible. It helps me learn more about my vehicle and save some money that can be spent on parts and upgrades.
I take no responsibility for any injury or breakage which might occur if you decide to follow these steps. You have to decide if you’re comfortable working on your Jeep. If you’re not, please have a professional complete this project for you.

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Parts and tools needed:

1. Momentary Push Button Switch – I selected this one, however there are several others available

2. 18 gauge wire

3. Wire Sleeve

4. Soldering Iron Kit

5. Flat Head and Phillips Screwdriver

6. T20 TORX screwdriver

7. Utility Knife

8. Drill and 5/8″ drill bit

9. 3/8″ Ratchet and a 1/2″ socket

10. Electrical Tape

11. Double Sided Mounting Tape



Step 1:

Prepare your tools and get everything ready before you start the project.


Step 2:

Remove your garage door remote from your Jeep. Decide where you will be hiding the remote, it could affect the length of the wire you’ll be attaching to it.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 3:

Using a flat head screwdriver, carefully open your garage door remote.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 4:

If your remote has multiple buttons, determine which one you use and locate corresponding tactile switch on the circuit board.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 5:

Remove the circuit board from the remote case and gently pull the battery out. Flip over the circuit board.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 6:

Locate the pins of your tactile switch.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 7:

Your new momentary push button switch will be closing the circuit of the tactile switch on the board. You need to determine which two pins you need to solder wires to. Easiest way to do it is with the help of a multimeter.
If your multi-meter comes with a sound emitting continuity test you can use it to test the circuit board of your garage door opener without the battery in it.
Otherwise if your multi-meter does not have the sound emitting option for testing continuity, set it to Diode position and use the two multi-meter leads and touch two opposite circuit board (with battery inserted) button pins at the same time to find out which two close the circuit and activate the garage door opener switch (your garage door will close/open).

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 8:

Cut wires to desired length, twist wire filaments together and carefully solder wires to the switch pins.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 9:

Cut a small notch in the corner of your remote’s plastic cover and feed wires thru. Gently push the circuit board back into place.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 10:

Prepare and inspect your new momentary push button switch.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 11:

If you’re using wire sleeve, cut it to desired length.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 12:

Feed wires thru the sleeve. Add heat shrink if preferred and connect wires to the switch. Put the battery back in, test the switch, close the remote cover. You can wrap it in electrical tape for protection. After making sure everything works, DISCONNECT the push button switch before installing it into the panel.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 13:

In order to hide the remote and install the switch, the corner panel will have to be removed. Using a Phillips screwdriver, carefully unscrew and pull out the plastic clip securing bottom of the panel.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 14:

Remove sun visor screws with T-20 Torx screwdriver, remove bolts using 1/2″ socket.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 15:

Pull the panel downwards to separate it from Jeep’s body (sport bar). Corner panel is held by a single christmas tree clip.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 16:

Pick best location for your switch on the panel, and drill a 5/8″ hole. You can start by drilling a pilot hole from the “inside” of the panel and follow up with the 5/8″ drill bit from the “outside”.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 17:

Secure the switch in the mounting hole, tightening provided metal nut. Reconnect wires and secure the remote with double-sided tape or velcro.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


Step 18:

Re-install the panel. Enjoy your new, less conspicuous, garage door remote switch.

Jeep JK hidden garage door remote


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.



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