Government Agencies

Bureau of Land Management


Arizona State Land Department – State land use permits


Public Lands Information Center – fire news and alerts for Arizona
Information, maps, permits, and guidebooks for planning adventures at western parks, forests, refuges and wildlife areas, historic sites, wilderness areas, lakes and reservoirs, wild rivers, and BLM lands. Info for Arizona.


Arizona Game & Fish Department – find Arizona OHV Trails and Places to Ride


Arizona State Parks


National Park Service


US Forest Service – MODIS Active Fire Maps
The Active Fire Mapping Program is an operational, satellite-based fire detection and monitoring program managed by the USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Active Fire Mapping program provides near real-time detection and characterization of wildland fire conditions in a geospatial context for the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Detectable fire activity across all administrative ownerships in the United States and Canada are mapped and characterized by the program.


Arizona State Milepost System


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