Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Jeep JK multi-function switchA multi-function switch, just as the name suggests, controls several different functions related to the lights of your Jeep. Using this one switch you turn on the headlights, fog lights, control turn signals, dashboard lights and dome lights. Unfortunately there might come a time when you notice that something about your lights doesn’t seem right. There could be a few different reasons for your lights or dash indicators to start acting strange. First thing you should always check is the light bulbs. Unless you have all LED lights, check your headlights and turn signals to make sure that all light bulbs work. You might have a fuse that is damaged and needs replacing. You can inspect the fuses an replace the damaged one.
The most common reason for your lights and turn signals not working properly is the multi-function switch failure. Over time some connections inside the switch might become loose and cause problems. You can inspect the switch lever and check whether it stays firmly in each position or if there is some play.
With loose connections, your dashboard lights, dome lights, fogs, or even headlights might randomly flicker or come on unexpectedly, which can be very dangerous. You might encounter problems with your turn signals as well.
The reason I decided to replace the multifunction switch on my Jeep, was due to the fact that my turn signals started acting strange. While turning right and activating the right turn signal by pulling the lever up, the left turn signal would come on first and flash once, and only after that the right turn signal would come on. It has been going on very randomly for the last couple of weeks and it started to drive me crazy, not to mention it was probably irritating other drivers behind me.
Another problem with the turn signal you might experience is that it doesn’t automatically shut off after you complete the turn. I have not personally have that problem, but I hear it is unfortunately a common issue.

Replacing a Jeep JK multi-function switch is a very easy and quick task. The procedure is the same for all 2007-2017 JK’s. The entire project should take about 30 minutes and you only need few tools. If you prefer to watch a video, here’s the best one I found on this subject.

Disclaimer: Like I always mention I am not a professional mechanic, I just try to do as much work on my Jeep as possible. It helps me learn more about my vehicle and save some money that can be spent on parts and upgrades.
I take no responsibility for any injury or breakage which might occur if you decide to follow these steps. You have to decide if you’re comfortable working on your Jeep. If you’re not, please have a professional do the installation for you.

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Parts and tools needed:

1. Multi-Function Switch – this one includes fog lights, make sure you select one that works for you

2. 10mm combination wrench

3. T20 TORX screwdriver – you’re going to need a skinny screwdriver to reach the recessed screws

4. Phillips screwdriver



Step 1:

Prepare your tools and get everything ready before you start the project.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 2:

Get your new switch ready for installation, inspect the switch, make sure that all pins inside the two plugs are straight. When you plug in the connectors and the pins are bent in any way, there will be no connection established and your new switch will not work properly.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 3:

Disconnect the negative battery terminal. It will prevent any electrical short form occurring as well as prevent the air bag from accidentally deploying.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 4:

To gain access to the multi-function switch, both bottom and top parts of the plastic steering column shroud will need to be removed.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 5:

Using the T20 TORX screwdriver, remove three screws from the bottom part of the plastic shroud.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 6:

Reach inside the plastic panel below steering column and pull firmly to release the clips holding it in place. Pull the clips out on both sides and tilt the panel down to remove it from hinges on the bottom.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 7:

Pull the steering wheel adjustment lever all the way down.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 8:

Locate the separation line between top and bottom plastic steering column shrouds. Squeeze gently just below the line to release clips holding both shrouds together and pull bottom shroud down.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 9:

Separate the bottom shroud on the right side as well, carefully sliding it over the ignition. Remove the bottom shroud completely and set aside.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 10:

Push the steering wheel down and carefully remove top steering column shroud.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 11:

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove screw holding the switch in place.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 12:

Gently slide the switch partially out.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 13:

Carefully remove the two connectors from the switch. Each one has a small tab you need to push down to remove it from the plug. Do not rush it and don’t force it out.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 14:

Set the old switch aside and grab the new one. Inspect the connectors and make sure nothing is bent, broken or melted.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 15:

Slide the new switch back into place. Make sure everything lines up correctly. Carefully plug in both connectors. Reinstall the Phillips screw.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 16:

Reinstall top steering column shroud. Reinstall bottom shroud starting on the ignition side until both top and bottom parts snap back together.
Lock the steering wheel in your preferred location with the adjustment lever.
Reinstall the panel below steering wheel. Begin by lining up bottom hinges and push the panel up until in clips back into place.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 17:

Reinstall all three screws on the bottom steering column shroud.

Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement


Step 18:

Reconnect the negative battery terminal. You might have to reset your clock and radio settings.

Take your Jeep for a test drive and try out your new multi-function switch.


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.



September 18, 2017 |

3 thoughts on “Jeep JK multi-function switch replacement

  1. hexler98 says:

    Awesome step by step! THANK YOU for this. My fog lights are starting to flicker when I push the turn signal lever up and the right turn signal blinks. So I am assuming the switch needs replacing.

  2. nfcrambo says:

    if replacing multi function switch with out automatic headlights when car has them what will happen

  3. stevejeep says:

    Hey there, this is a great article! I just tried this for my 2018 JK, and I wondering if there was a design change that year — there is a plastic collar on the upper and lower trim pieces meaning that I cannot remove them to get access to the switches, and it actually looks like you’d need to remove the steering wheel to get remove them… Hoping I’m wrong. Anyone else have this problem?

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