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BCTRick Russek and Ron Bernaud, the owners of Bivouac Camping Trailers, set out to design and build the most rugged, functional overlanding trailers on the planet. Their design concept encompassed a trailer that is capable of maneuvering along rough dirt roads, which also contains an entire campsite that can be set up or torn down within five minutes. BCT makes trailers for the intrepid explorer who doesn’t want to stay in the same place all weekend. If you want to see and do more than the average camper, and if you want to go places where the roads can’t take you, then Bivouac Camping Trailers are made for you.

Bivouac Camping Trailers has been operating in Phoenix, Arizona since June 2008. The company was founded on the basis of providing unique quality off-road expedition trailers and toy haulers for outdoor enthusiasts. We are a tight-knit, local company consisting of family and friends who have come together to fulfill a dream. Our unique designs were created in an effort to fill a niche that had been previously ignored. Our trailers allow adventurers to access camping areas that other style trailers simply cannot reach. With at least 16 inches of clearance underneath, Bivouac Camping Trailers ride higher than most of the vehicles towing them!

Along the way, we have aligned ourselves with companies that have allowed us to manufacture the best off-road camping trailer possible. One of our partners is Tepui Tents out of Santa Cruz, California ( Tepui Tents are made with incredibly durable materials that will stand up to the most extreme conditions. They use high quality rip-stop fabrics with a superior ventilating coating that provide excellent water and wind protection, yet are more breathable than other tent brands on the market. For added versatility, the M.O.A.B. Fort’s Kukenam tent, for example, can be easily removed from the Fort body and mounted directly onto your SUV’s roof rack or aftermarket roof bars.
Our camping trailers are also extremely customizable in order to meet your specific requirements. From private porta-potties and hot water showers to grills and even lift kits, you might be surprised what we can add to your Bivouac Camping Trailer. Plus, we can even paint your trailer to match your wheeling vehicle. And with an impressive amount of cargo space, you can haul in all the gear and supplies you’ll need for a long wheeling trip.

Bivouac Camping Trailers is located at 1 W. Deer Valley Rd., Suites 116 & 117 in Phoenix. Our shop is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and we are also available by phone at 480-235-5557. You can learn more about our company and see images of our trailers on our website, Rick and Ron look forward to sharing their passion project with you and answering any questions you have.



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One thought on “Bivouac Camping Trailers

  1. dadnarg56 says:

    I am a proud owner of the fort XL. Because of my 4X4 and the incredible engineering of the fort XL I have had the opportunity of going places most people only dream of in comfort and style.
    Two years ago I pulled the Fort from Telluride CO, over Imogene Pass down into Yankee Boy Basin. I reside in chandler AZ. Had the day trip from Chandler to Telluride found camp site outside Telluride. It had started raining sun about to go down located the campsite which was down steep grass embankment , grass was wet, sharp passenger side turn going down as the trailer tire caught grass trailer started slide and rolled in slow motion completely upside down.The only two items that came off the trailer was two full 5 gallon water containers which are not meant to be upside down.
    I was able to recover trailer set up camp every thing with trailer still fully functional and to date have never had any repairs. It was a reminder to me where I was going was and is very dangerous, be careful.
    While on the Pass I was approached twice by other adventures getting high accolades of how well the trailer performed and commented they had never witnessed any body pull trailer over the Pass which in itself is a testament of how well built the trailer is

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