The Rolls / Four Peaks

Location: Northeast of Phoenix on north side of Four Peaks Wilderness.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

Description: It’s like a huge playground for all kinds of vehicles. Main trail leads to the top of the peak and is about 20 miles long one way. It’s about 28 miles one way, if you go from Hwy 87 all the way to Hwy 188. There’s multiple side trails with many more miles to enjoy!

Time & Distance: Allow about 3-4 hours each way if you follow the entire trail.

Trail Conditions: Tonto N.F., Mesa and Tonto Basin Ranger Districts. Call (480) 610-3300.


Fountain Hills, AZ WEATHER


Remember: trail conditions, fire restrictions, weather, and land ownership change constantly so everyone must take responsibility for themselves, both for their safety and complying with all laws. Please understand that means YOU.


Directions to the Trail: Take Hwy 87 northeast from Mesa. Turn right on well marked dirt road F.S. 143 between mile marker 203 and 204.


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The trail begins as soon as you get of the highway, and get on the dirt road (FS 143). There’s several spots to unload your OHV along the road. There is a staging area 0.7 miles down the road, but as of March 2011 it is still closed and fenced off due to construction on Hwy 87 (they use this site to grow some plants to be used after construction is done). You can stage further down the road at 1.4 miles near FR1832, or at 2.1 miles near FR1343. Those two roads give you more options to enjoy this area with several miles of great trails.

If you want to go all the way to the top of Four Peaks (well, not exactly, only to the trailhead parking area, from which you can hike up the mountain) follow FS 143. Ignore many small side roads. Bear left at 14.3 miles. Small water crossing possible at 10.1 miles. Bear right at 10.6. Continue past Cline Hiking Trailhead at 11.1 miles. Climb over ridge as Four Peaks comes back into view. Bear right after small stream at 13.7 miles (may be dry). Continue straight past Mud Spring Trailhead at 15.3. Reach highest point of the trail at 18.2 miles. FS 648 goes right to hiking trailhead to Four Peaks Wilderness.

If you want to follow FS 143, swing left at top and start down towards Hwy 188. Make a right turn at 19.3. Pass microwave tower. Road is well maintained the rest of the way. Beautiful views of Roosevelt Lake can be seen below. Turn left in front of the knoll at 23.4 miles or take fun loop around it. Reach Hwy 188 at 27.8 miles near mile marker 255.

Come back to your staging area the same way. Remember to always stay on maked trails and do not leave any trash behind, so we can all enjoy this awesome area for years to come.


Get yourself and your rig ready for the trip: Make sure both you and your vehicle are prepared for your next adventure.

Before you venture out on your offroading trip you need to make sure you are prepared for emergencies. Even if nothing happens to you or your vehicle, you might come across someone who needs help. Short of having your full-on bug-out-bag with you, you should at least have some basic emergency items. It might seem obvious to some, but you should get yourself a tool box with appropriate tools and leather gloves, good first aid kit, fire extinguisher, set of jumper cables, emergency blankets (stored in heavy plastic bag – both are useful), flashlight, tow strap and some extra water. I would also suggest a recovery strap, a military folding shovel, heavy duty garbage bags, and a hand crank self powered weather radio. These items are not expensive, but they just might save your day.

Another thing you should definitely do before you leave is to save the number to Arizona 4×4 Off Road Recovery in case you find yourself in need of recovery in the middle of nowhere. Their number is (602) 697-8306.


If you’re ready for a next adventure and want to plan it right, check out some of these trail guides – Arizona has so many awesome destinations to explore!




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3 thoughts on “The Rolls / Four Peaks

  1. itsjtam says:

    One of my favorite spots so far. Very easy trail, good sunset spots. Decently heavy traffic on the weekends. Light traffic during the week.

    Captured this last weekend,

  2. […] Four Peaks is not just a brewing company. If you have a 4×4 vehicle or a friend who does, traveling up this rugged road will be unforgettable. You bumpily ascend to over 6,000 feet in elevation, higher than anywhere else in Maricopa County. Off road enthusiasts rate this trail as “easy,” but for this novice, it was a chart topping adventure marked by the most jaw-dropping views I’ve ever seen. Pack water, a full tank of gas, and a charged cell phone and plan for plenty of time to enjoy this trek (3 hours minimum). […]

  3. hldn2yb says:

    Fri, Apr 17, 2020

    Made the trek from Hwy 188 on the east side entering on El Oso Rd. Super fun and easy ride. Boy is it a tale of two sides of the mountain! East side of Four Peaks, gorgeous vistas of the Tonto Basin and Roosevelt Lake, west side actually found it a lot slower going, less views, but lots of pretty creek crossings.
    The side trip up to the Lone Pine Trailhead is a must. It’s so beautiful up there my city slicker wife was wishing we’d planned to camp, and she don’t camp!
    Overall a real nice ride. I don’t remember any spots requiring 4×4, just a little clearance for ruts and rocks and such. No issues in the Expedition 4×4, and I hadn’t lifted it yet. Just a super pretty day drive.

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