Queen Valley – Montana Mountain

Location: Northeast of Florence Junction, northwest of Superior.

Difficulty: Moderate most of the way, with some challenging spots on the way down.

Description: 35 mile loop through some amazing mountains! Narrow trail up the mountain, with multiple river crossings. Great pine tree forest at the top of the mountain. Hairy switchbacks on the way down. Last few miles is a fast and wide dirt road.

Video: Watch video footage of the trail.

Time & Distance: Allow about 4 hours for this 35-mile loop.

Trail Conditions: Tonto N.F., Mesa Ranger District. Call (480) 610-3300.
Superior WEATHER


Remember: trail conditions, fire restrictions, weather, and land ownership change constantly so everyone must take responsibility for themselves, both for their safety and complying with all laws. Please understand that means YOU.


Directions to the Trail: Take Hwy 60 east from Florence Junction, turn left on Queen Valley Road 1/4 mile past mile post 214, after 1.7 miles turn right on Hewitt Station Road F.S. 357, go another 3.1 miles and turn left on F.S. 172, start here.

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17 thoughts on “Queen Valley – Montana Mountain

  1. lenzbrook says:

    Hewitt Station Rd. is closed to thru traffic. Posted as of March 2017. Local residents complained of noise and dust and the county who still maintains the road put in a gate. I have a picture of the alt routes to take to circle around. I can email it if you like. It was quite a surprise as we didn’t stage anywhere near posted signs and found this out on our decent and return. We instead had to take the 60 at milepost 223 for 8 miles to return to our truck/trailer.

    I have the AZ backroads book and gps – neither off which foretold this.

    • landcruiser says:

      Please email with route around Hewitt, thanks, Ron mesadecatur@gmail.com

    • jdavis30531 says:

      Please email route around Hewitt



    • jeeper21213 says:

      Good day, Would it be possible for you to send me your suggestion to get around the Hewitt Station closure gate. Can you also identify the location of the gate and anything else I should be aware of? We were hoping to make the Montana Mountain trail trip this Wednesday and would hate to travel there just to be locked out. We are doing it in a jeep if that would make any difference.

      I would also appreciate any other comments that would make this trip a wonderful and relaxing one.

      Greatly appreciated.

      Be safe,


    • wncloke says:

      Please email me the work-around Hewitt Station Road. Thx, Warren wncloke@yahoo.com

    • tyoung_@hotmail.com says:

      Could I trouble you to send me the alternate route.
      We hadn’t ridden in some time due to two surgeries my wife has had. When we took the the ride this past weekend we got a late start and it was dark when we got down to Hewitt Station road. We couldn’t get back to the trailer and didn’t want to risk riding over Gonzales Pass via I-60 so called my daughter to come pick my wife up, take her to the trailer and bring it back to me where I waited with the quads at the Queen Valley turn-off. What a bear.

    • dfdegner says:

      I would appreciate your alternate route maping for Montana mountain loop. Thanks

    • kittyrob says:

      Hi. Please email with route around Hewitt and back to starting point. Thanks!

    • vickylee says:

      Please email me the alternate route to get around the closed ranch road called Hewitt. Have RZR and don’t want to ride it on the highway 60 to get back to west staging area. veerex@comcast .net
      Thank you

    • cticho says:

      Hello, could I please get that alt routes from Hewitt Station Rd, thanks, Chris

  2. bruce says:

    Please email the route around Hewitt. Lady stopped us demanding we turn around & take 60, which I’m not sure is legal with atv. Thanks skbroman@earthlink.net

  3. jeeper21213 says:

    Montana Mtn trail route, Trip 7 Mar 2018. What a beautiful trip I would like to share our experience.
    Leaving Hwy 60 and entering the Queen Valley Road (#357) at 10:15AM continuing onto E Hewitt Station Rd past the ATV/OHV Staging area. We turned off E Hewitt Station onto Hewitt Canyon Road. Note; Hewitt Station Road (#357) continues across and rejoins Hwy 60 BUT it travels THOUGH PRIVATE PROPERTY and is blocked/closed both sides with gates by owners. Only way across to East Staging area/N Happy Camp Canyon Road is back to Queen Valley then onto Hwy 60 or north on Hewitt Canyon Road a very short distance turning onto Bomboy Mine Road (#252) and work your way across. Your choice.
    Back to our trip and onto Hewitt Canyon Road the starting point Points of interest are highlighted on our map and 2 special spots here are GPS coordinates: Elephant Trunk W111* 13.181 and Stone House W111* 06.924 N33* 22.728 both are worth the stop and walk about. I copied my GPS map and hope you see that there were many areas worth stopping to stretch, view, to snack and/or have lunch which we did. Sorry, I was unable to download the map or photos of areas worth the time… If interested, request them and I will forward them on.
    This brings me to the travel time. Book Guide stated 4 hours, we feel to do it in this time frame one would have to hurry with very short relaxing stops. I mentioned we left 10:15 and taking our time to enjoy the scenery back to East Staging Area and Hwy 60 at 4:45PM. Time 6 1/2 hours making it as smooth as possible ride and relaxing experience for this trip.
    Super day was had by all, Drive slow and enjoy the sights….
    Jeeper 2

  4. rzrjon1 says:

    Be aware Hewitt Station Rd is blocked by private property and you are unable to complete the loop back to the staring point !

  5. jlabate says:

    Ride Now has posted a map at both ends of the loop that outlines multiple loops. Special thanks to them.

    Lastly, this is a beautiful area. Unfortunately, there are still those people who leave a mess. Please pick-up what you can during your outing to keep it beautiful.

  6. hldn2yb says:

    Thurs, Apr 16, 2020

    Took the Mrs. in our 2015 Expedition on a social distance excursion on Montana Mtn loop. Great day, beautiful drive. Entered and ascended from the west side, exited out to Hwy 60 by Superior, so we avoided the Hewitt Rd closure. I agree on the 4+35 loop time – add on to that time for any stops or side trips. Road up was pretty easy – there was one well rutted area about 1/2 mile from top with sloppy mud that made me think a little, but made it through fine.
    Descending on the east side there were 3 spots that I had to be careful on, but other than that, pretty easy driving. My SUV hadn’t been lifted yet so we did drag in 4 or 5 spots.
    Side trip up to Woodbury Trailhead was worth it. Some nice springs, lots of dove and quail, hills orange with poppies up that way. Overall we were about 6 hours.
    Thanks for the website and rundown.

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