Patagonia Mountains

Location: South of Tucson, southeast of Patagonia and northeast of Nogales.

Difficulty: Easy.

Description: This scenic mountain drive reaches five forgotten backcountry towns: Harshaw, Mowry, Washington Camp, Duquesne and Lochiel. Harshaw and Duquesne are legitimate ghost towns with interesting buildings still standing. Well-maintained dirt road suitable for high-slung passenger cars in dry weather. Side trip to Duquesne is a bit rougher but suitable for stock SUVs. Four-wheel drive may be needed when wet. Possible high water crossings during heavy rains.

Time & Distance: Almost 42 miles from the point you leave Hwy 82 at Patagonia until you return to Hwy 82 at Beyerville. Allow 4 to 5 hours for this part of the trip. This is a full day adventure if you add travel time from Tucson.

Trail Conditions: Coronado N.F., Sierra Vista Ranger District. Call (520) 378-0311.


Weather for Patagonia, AZ
min 61°F


Remember: trail conditions, fire restrictions, weather, and land ownership change constantly so everyone must take responsibility for themselves, both for their safety and complying with all laws. Please understand that means YOU.


Directions to the Trail: Take Hwy 83 south from Tucson. At Sonoita, connect with Hwy 82 south to Patagonia. As you come into Patagonia turn left on a small road just south of the post office.


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Get yourself and your rig ready for the trip: Make sure both you and your vehicle are ready for your next adventure.

Before you venture out on your offroading trip you need to make sure you are prepared for emergencies. Even if nothing happens to you or your vehicle, you might come across someone who needs help. Short of always having your full-on Bug-Out-Bag with you, you should at least have some basic emergency items. It might seem obvious to some, but you should get yourself a tool box with appropriate tools and leather gloves, good first aid kit, fire extinguisher, set of jumper cables, emergency blankets (stored in heavy plastic bag – both are useful), flashlight, tow strap and some extra water. I would also suggest a recovery strap, a military folding shovel, heavy duty garbage bags, and a hand crank self powered weather radio. These items are not expensive, but they just might save your day.

Another thing you should definitely do before you leave is to save Joe’s number in your cellphone in case you find yourself in need of recovery in the middle of nowhere. Joe is the owner of Arizona 4×4 Off Road Recovery and has become a real hero to many in the Arizona offroad community. His number is (602) 697-8306.


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