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All of us living in Arizona are used to hearing about wildfires in our state every single year, but it is very upsetting every time it happens. We hate seeing our precious wilderness go up in flames. I understand that some of the fires are part of a natural process, but when those huge and damaging fires are caused by human carelessness and stupidity, it makes me really angry.

Recently we had two wildfires start just several miles outide of the Valley of the Sun, and if you’ve ever done any offroading in AZ you most likely know about Crown King and Sunflower Mine trails. Crown King is an old mining town and a very popular destination for Arizona offroaders just north of Lake Pleasant, and Sunflower Mine is an old mercury mine, and the trail leading to and past the mine is everyone’s favorite.

So it was very sad news when we all learned about wildfires erupting at those amazing locations. And they happened almost at the same time. Sunflower fire started on May 12th and Gladiator fire near Crown King stared on May 13th.

It’s been about three weeks and crews have been working very hard to contain those fires. It looks like they are getting close to achieving their goal, but with the temperatures, low humidity and winds it will probably take few more weeks to get it fully under control.


You can find more information on these wildfires here:


There are also new Emergency Bulletins posted on AZ Emergency Information Network website:


Reminder: Be very careful with fire outdoors. Let’s prevent any future unnecessary wildfires!



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