Spider M1 grips



Few weeks ago I decided it’s time to get new grips for my bike. I had my KTM dual compound grips for several months and I was ready for something new. I wasn’t very satisfied with the feel of those old grips. After some research I picked Spider M1 grips because it’s a new design and the manufacturer claims they rebound and absorb more vibration. I bought them at Motorcycle Superstore and they arrived few days later.

The grips were easy to put onto the handlebars and I’m happy with the way they fit without the safety wire. I could immediately feel the difference. It’s both the thickness of the grips and stickiness that make them very comfortable, at least for me. I’ve read some reviews where people say they wear out pretty fast, but I haven’t noticed it yet, since it’s been only about 50 hours of riding for me. I would definitely buy these again and recommend them to other dirt bike and ATV riders.

According to the manufacurer it’s “not just another grip, these are acoustically engineered to rebound and absorb more vibration than any other grip on the market”.  The inner layer includes the flange and the end cap which is specially designed to resist punching out. The outer layer features a soft density diamond pattern designed to shed water and mud while having a tacky surface for maximum grip. Spider Grips also feature ART (Acoustical Rebound Technology) a patent pending design that refers to the special shaping of the boundary layer that deflects vibrations away from the rider.



  • Dual layers of Spider Traction Gel engineered to rebound and absorb more vibration than any other grip on the market, while shedding mud and water to make it easier to hold on to,
  • Full flange and a super strong end cap ideal for off-road, dual-sport and motard riding


They come in 9 colors, Titanium, Graphite, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green and Pink.

You can find out more about their products HERE!

January 1, 2011 |
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